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Fiduciary Responsibility

When volunteering to service on a community association Board of Directors, one must understand fiduciary responsibility. A fiduciary duty is a legal or ethical relationship of confidence or trust regarding the management of money or property between two or more … Continue reading

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WTH? An Elevator Story

Beware of elevator rides. Many months ago I was waiting on an elevator to take me down to the parking garage. The elevator arrived to my floor, the elevator doors opened and I stepped inside. I did not notice that … Continue reading

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A Strong Board

A friend of mine has stated on numerous occasions – “As the Board of Directors goes, so goes the community.” A key component to a Strong Board is speaking with one voice to the community.  A Board should discuss and … Continue reading

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Assessments, Assessments, Assessments!

As a community manager and condominium owner/volunteer, I many times hear reoccurring questions and comments.  Why is the Board raising our dues again this year? What can we do?  Do we have to pay? Our dues are much higher than … Continue reading

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