A Strong Board

A friend of mine has stated on numerous occasions – “As the Board of Directors goes, so goes the community.”

A key component to a Strong Board is speaking with one voice to the community.  A Board should discuss and debate issues from each member’s perspective but once a motion is voted on or an issue is decided a Strong Board will speak with one voice to the community at large.  Individual opinions will be set aside and the majority decision of the Board will be supported by a Strong Board.

A Strong Board will always place the interest of the Community before individual desires or agendas.  Strong Boards adopt a community mission statement and goals then work toward achieving positive results for the community.  Fiduciary responsibility is understood and constantly thought of in the decision making process by a members of a Strong Board.  On a Strong Board individual members treat each other and residents with respect, empathy and understanding. 

Since individual members typically do not want to serve on a board indefinitely, or are restricted to the number of terms they can serve, a Strong Board is always soliciting potential Board members to ensure long term success of the community.

Many times people who seek board election get caught up with personal agendas or motives and do not consider or understand the potential negative impact on a community.  Some folks seek election to a Board in an effort to circumvent a community rule or regulation for their personal gain.  They fail to realize that a Board member is the one person who should always follow a community’s rules and regulations.  Individual Board members set the example for everyone who lives in a community.  Rest assured, others are watching and observing each Board member’s activity and interaction in the community.  Strong Board members ensure a positive example for all to see. 

The following are some questions to consider about your Board of Directors:

Does my Board conduct themselves in a professional manner within the community?

Does my Board exhibit the ability to move projects forward for the community?

Is my Board connected to the entire community or do they seem to only react to a small group of homeowners?

Do Board members openly support the decisions of the Board when in the community or do they criticize other members?

Does my Board invite open communication from the homeowners? 

Does it appear that Board members receive special considerations related to community rules and regulations?

Does my Board exhibit a clear understanding of our Declaration, Rules and Regulations, financial standing, Reserve Study needs, etc?

Is my Board proactive with decision making or do they usually react to situations and people?

Has my Board published a Mission Statement for our community?

Do individual Board members sign a Code of Ethics document to serve our community?





About midtowntim

I'm a licensed community manager, community volunteer and I live in a multi-family high-rise condo.
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