Condo Living – Who’s Who?

Many folks who live in a condominium community usually come and go about their business never thinking about those who serve or work for their community.  For many, as long as their care-free lifestyle is uninterrupted and building systems are maintained there is no need for concern.

Who protects the care-free lifestyle for everyone?

The community manager, of course!  The role of a professional community association manager is to facilitate the decisions of the board of directors.  In addition a community manager will:

  • Advise and provide managerial, administrative, best-practices and operational advice to the board of directors
  • Inspect the property to ensure all the facilities are operating as expected
  • Supervise maintenance activities and contractor expectations
  • Communicate issues and concerns to property vendors, staff and residents
  • Exhibit professionalism and dedication to the board of directors
  • Exercise diligence in carrying out duties on behalf of the board of directors
  • Control expenses and work within the annual budget approved by the board of directors
  • Be familiar with the community’s governing documents, rules & regulations, state statutes and federal law

Successful managers are able to work in balance with the homeowners, board of directors and also within the goals and parameters of the management company, if applicable.  They are good listeners, understand apathy, able to problem-solve and are multi-task oriented.

Who sets the tone for a community and is ultimately the responsible entity for community governance? 

The board of directors, of course!  This body is made up of homeowners who volunteer to serve their community and are elected by their peers.

A successful board will provide a perspective of maintaining, protecting and enhancing the property and quality of life for all residents.  Usually a board’s goal is to govern smoothly, enforce rules, ensure all homeowners are paying their dues and establish an annual budget for operation of the community.

Typically a board will consist of four officers – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.   Additional board members may be known as Members at Large.

The President acts as the chief executive officer and leader of the association.  They preside over all meetings, sets meeting agendas, controls meetings and will execute legal documents on behalf of the association.

The Vice President performs all the duties of the president in his/her absence.  They may also perform additional duties as determined by the board or president.

The Secretary is responsible for the record keeping of the community.  The secretary will prepare and distribute meeting minutes, attest to the legitimacy of certain documents and maintain all official records of the community.

The Treasurer will maintain the financial records of a community.  Usually they will work with the board or others to develop the annual budget.  The Treasurer should review monthly financial data and provide a monthly report to the board and the community.

If you live in a condo or homeowner’s association – take a moment to thank those neighbors who volunteer to ensure your care-free lifestyle is maintained.  Oh, and if you have a good property manager – thank him or her too.


About midtowntim

I'm a licensed community manager, community volunteer and I live in a multi-family high-rise condo.
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