A friend asked the other day what it is that I most enjoy about living in a multi-family common-interest building.  This got me thinking…  Well, most of all it is the diversity around me and the neighbors who have become good friends.

When we first moved into our building, we knew no one.  Almost 10 years later we have a core group of friends with whom we are connected with.  These folks are the family we have chosen.  We have shared life events that include supporting a few through major surgeries, saying good-bye to one we lost and helping each other through stressful situations.  Through these friends we have gotten to know their parents, siblings, children, grand-children and others close to them.  10 years later – we have a large extended family.  All of these folks were neighbors first and friends second now they are friends first and neighbors second.  Anne and I are very thankful to have connected with these individuals – it has been a life blessing.

Of course, there are some we have gotten to know over the years with which we have not experienced a positive connection with.  I have grown from those interactions as well.  When I read about Dr. Phil’s new book Life Code I was provided some clarity to some of the other characters we have encountered over the years.

Living in our environment is not for everyone.  There are those who prefer the suburban lifestyle of pulling the car into the garage and closing out the world.  Those folks have greater ability of choosing when they want to interact with the outside world.  Those of us who live in a multi-family building – arrive home, park in a shared parking garage, walk through common areas, and take an elevator to our homes.  During this process we never know who we may run into.  It could be a dear friend, one of Dr. Phil’s “BAITERs”, a new neighbor or a member of the staff.

I enjoy the “walk home” as it might introduce me to a new neighbor who just might become a new friend.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


About midtowntim

I'm a licensed community manager, community volunteer and I live in a multi-family high-rise condo.
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